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TECHONVOY offers complete web hosting and support mechanism suitable for various requirements.

Website whether static or database driven needs to be hosted on the web to provide global access. Efficient Mail servers are needed for businesses to provide email solutions for their day to day interaction. TECHONVOY provides complete package while ensuring global standards. Factors including response times, uptime, download speeds etc are optimized for smooth performance ensuring the success of a business online.

How is a website hosted?

Web hosts are the organizations which through own servers or collocation provide server space with internet connectivity for hosting websites on the “world wide web”.

What are the different types of web hosting solutions?

  • Shared web hosting:
    It’s a shared space which hosts several websites simultaneously.

  • Dedicated web hosting:
    This grants the website owner full rights of the host server. This may include unmanaged hosting plans wherein the security and maintenance of the server is the website owner’s responsibility.

  • Reseller web hosting:
    It is a facility wherein the buyer of a reseller account can become a web host himself. Herein the reseller can obtain a virtual dedicated hosting account or a collocated hosting account and further manage/ sell it to his clients.

  • Virtual Dedicated Server hosting:
    This service is also called VPS or virtual private server. Several resources of the server are divided into virtual servers. Various VPS relationships are established which signify that the resources allocated may not correspond to the hardware.

  • Other hosting solutions cater to specific requirements of the users. Simple servers can be created at a private residence and organizations can arrange for co-located servers.

What we offer?

We at TECHONVOY provide reliable web hosting service with excellent customer support. We cater to both Linux and windows platforms backed by MYSQL & MSSQL database support. We are resellers for Indian and US based servers. We are associated with reputed organizations like the IIPER Business School.

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