Our motto to safeguard the saftey measures in school bus

getting into the car, you fasten your seat belt right, similarly are are you able to monitor the saftey of your kid who is boarded in the school bus?

we have a solution for your dilemma, going through varoius technical possiblities we came up with a product which is providing the happenings of school bus through live streaming using 4g and wifi technology. Parents can watch the movement of his/ her kid boarded in the bus untill he reaches the school gate safely.

Having a smart phone with data in your hands solves the problem for You:

Yes, we are smart enough to telecast the live streaming along with gps with our software quite flexibly both in smartphone and desktop. you can track the position of the school bus and be intime at the bustop to pick/ drop your kid near to the bustop. This increases the chance of living in more digital way as we are into an era of technology.

Software Solutions

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Geo-Visual System
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AMS OnBoard

For Admin

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For Parent

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Solutions We render



BlackBox Pro series comes packed with features including GPS tracking and live video remote viewing (4G). With massive storage capabilities and the ability to connect high resolution cameras, the series works perfectly to capture all detail from the road including license plate numbers and street signs.

Positio GPS

Positio GPS is an extended version of GPS tracking devices. Being an enhanced version it offers many new features. In the vehicle tracking system, it could be used to track a car, bus, truck and many more other vehicles.

Positio OBD

Techonvoy Is An Advanced Car Tracking Solution. Techonvoy App On Your Mobile Combines With TECHONVOY OBD-II(on-board Diagnostics) 4G LTE GPS Device In Your Car To Make Your Car A Smart Car And You A Smarter Driver.


PolicEYE is a multi-award-winning body worn camera offering live transmission of video, audio, real-time alerts and GPS information via 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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