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Change is the only constant. Change if managed well leads to growth.

Techonvoy’s talent transition solutions square measure catered to workers full of organisational changes, and for relocating expatriate families.

Our services offerings square measure Outplacement Services, Spousal Relocation Services, and govt employment.

Our talent transition consulting team contains of extremely tough multi-cultural professionals from numerous industries and background.

During organisational changes and individual career transition, our consultants perceive leaders’ has to maintain the employer complete, the complicated emotions of workers undergoing transitions, and therefore the support structure required for relocating expatriates.

We have return up with a series of measurable processes and methodologies to assist organisations and transiting workers throughout their amount of modification.

Departing employees are brand ambassadors and extremely valuable alumni of an organization.

Talent gap, lowering employment costs during recessionary periods are leading an organization to opt for outplacement. The concerned employees should view Outplacement as a key part of career management. Organizations should view Outplacement as a brand building and business referrals tool.

TECHONVOY’s Talent Transition Services are designed & executed in a way that outplacement helps the departing employee view the change in positive light and as a stepping stone to one’s career growth. TECHONVOY ensures smooth transitions causing the least possible internal disruptions in organizations.

The essence of TECHONVOY’S corporate philosophy of ‘Good to know you’ enables nurturing relationships between employees, employers and TECHONVOY.

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