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Recruitment back office solutions in the business of increasing productivity through people and have developed an advanced system of tools and expertise for recruiting highly qualified people that are well-suited to a clients particular needs and environment.

The back workplace is usually thought-about to be the technology, services and human resources needed to manage a corporation itself. Back workplace includes such systems because the IT, human resources and accounting departments. The back workplace is supported by a rear system.

TECHONVOY, with its well-equipped and trained manpower, can assist companies in saving up to 40% of time by handling low-value functions such as processing of inbound resumes, and enable companies’ front-office team to focus on core functions.

Recruitment Back Office solutions from TECHONVOY offer a cost-effective suite to provide customized solutions for non-core processes in recruitment.

Recruitment Back Office Services include:

  1. Advertisement response management
  2. Candidate client interface
  3. Candidate reactivation
  4. CV formatting
  5. Database creation
  6. Database management
  7. Data entry and de-duplication
  8. Research
  • Advertisement response management:

    TECHONVOY‘s advertisement response cycle is apt for Clients recruiting through advertising. This involves –placing advertisements in the media, filtering the mails, categorizing CVs against each Job Order (JO), Sending acknowledgement mails to the candidates and forwarding the right fit CVs to the client.

  • Candidate client interface:

    TECHONVOY simplifies recruitment by managing the client-candidate interface –handling appointments, confirmations, meetings and discussion rounds.

  • Candidate reactivation:

    TECHONVOY’s reactivation service helps activate dormant CVs by validating and updating the database. Candidates listed in the database are contacted to enquire their interest in job opportunities.

  • CV formatting:

    The representation style of CV varies from candidate to candidate. This leads to structural complexities in database management. TECHONVOY’s CV formatting services help convert the information on the CVs into a ready reckoner, an easily accessible database.

  • Database creation:

    TECHONVOY collects CVs online and offline and handles the categorization and sorting of these based on experience, qualifications and personal details to build a database of relevant profiles based on the job description for companies to quickly search for the right candidates.

  • Database management:

    TECHONVOY manages clients’ databases categorizing CVs based on the function, skill sets, industrial vertical, experience, education, and personal details. Database is updated regularly to provide up to date information and to ensure eradication of duplicate records.

  • Data entry and de-duplication:

    Data entry, update and verification are handled with the utmost care to avoid duplication and to ensure clients with access to up to date information.

  • Research:

    TECHNOVOY’s online research comprises of – scanning of research papers, online publications, government /regulatory bodies’ databases, directories, company websites, networking websites, conference and summit organizer sites and alumni databases.

    Research team at TECHONVOY employs ‘Domain Sensing’ exercise coupled with ‘Target Company Mapping’ which helps shortlist candidates for a particular role faster. A thorough online research followed by validation gives the list of potential right-fit candidates suitable for a particular job.

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