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What is the meaning of Consulting

The True Meaning Of Consulting

A consultant is somebody who gives advice.

So the question we've to raise is “why do folks get advice?”

Well, why do people ask for advice?

They want to vary one thing, come through one thing, attain one thing, or become one thing, and that they would like facilitate. The current state of things isn’t however they require it to be. They understand what their desired state is, however they have your recommendation to induce there.

TECHONVOY specializes in developing customized suite of HR consulting solutions based on the operational models of your organization. With a special focus on small and medium enterprises, we bring practical, results-driven HR practices to your business that helps retain people, improve business productivity and performance of employees. Our end-to-end HR solutions that are tailor made to suit every unique business need are designed to be cost efficient.

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